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Exhibitor Sponsorship Opportunities 

Thank you for your consideration in sponsoring the following items- it is greatly appreciated!

There are limited opportunities for each item. To purchase, press the button below. You will be directed to our event page, where you can click on "Register Now". Each sponsorship opportunity is an individual ticket to purchase. Whomever purchases a specific sponsorship will be recognized with a placard, and will be recognized with the specific  sponsorships on a page of the program.


For questions, please contact the Exhibitor Committee:

Vinnie Guarniere

Kim Rossal

Dee Drye

Keynote Sponsorship

Qty: 1

Price: $1000

Monday Evening Welcome Reception Sponsorship

Qty: 3

Price: $500

Break Sponsorships 

3 Breaks: Tuesday Morning, Tuesday Afternoon, and Wednesday Morning

Qty: 6

Price: $250

Wednesday Lunch Sponsorship

Qty: 2

Price: $500

Event Gift Bags with Vendor Logo(s)

Qty: 4

Price: $250

Poster Session Reception Sponsorship

Qty: 2

Price: $500

Tuesday Lunch Sponsorship

Qty: 2

Price: $500

Additional General Event Sponsorships

Qty: Unlimited

Price Range: 




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Thank you for your sponsorship. You support makes our event possible! 

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