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Frequently Asked Questions



I am having connectivity issues when attmepting to pay. What do I do?

Please send all membership inquiries to:

Who do I contact with questions regarding my membership?

Please send all membership inquiries to:

If I begin my membership in August of the current year, will my membership run through August of the following year?

The SCB-AALAS Board has recently made some changes to their yearly membership timeframe.  Membership runs from April 1st of a given year through March 31st of the following year.  Renewal membership forms should be available on the website in January of any given year to give several months for all members to rejoin and keep their status current for the following year.   

I am currently a member of SCB-AALAS.  How do I obtain my Login and Password to gain access to the members only areas of the SCB-AALAS website?

In order to obtain the members-only Login and Password, please email  As soon as your membership is verified, you will receive the Login and Password via E-mail.  

Do I need previous laboratory animal experience to get a job in a laboratory animal facility?

No. While previous laboratory animal experience may be preferred, it is not necessarily required. Obviously, hands-on experience with animals or extensive education in animal science and/or veterinary medicine is a plus. If you have a proactive work ethic, understand what it means to be a "team player", and have a strong passion for both animal welfare and scientific discovery, then a career in laboratory animal medicine could be for you.

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